Benefits of Gua Sha facials and why they should be part of your 2021 resolutions

Benefits of Gua Sha facials and why they should be part of your 2021 resolutions

As a company that adores all things natural skin care and self care, we knew Gua Sha would be the perfect addition to the Sweetpea product line! This month we are so excited to bring you brand spankin’ new Sweetpea products, including our Jade Gua Sha Comb + Rose Quartz Gua Sha.

If you’ve never heard of Gua Sha and are wondering “why do I need this…?”, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find out what it is, the benefits of a Gua Sha facial, how to use a gua sha and how it pairs perfectly with Sweetpea’s natural, non-tox goodies!br>

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is part of traditional Chinese medicine, “Gua” meaning scrape, and “Sha” meaning sand. It’s a type of procedure that uses a flat jade or rose quartz stone to “scrape” the skin in slow, upward strokes to provide numerous benefits both immediately and over time.

Facial Gua Sha specifically is a type of gentle self-massage. The stone is ideally shaped to gently glide over the contours of the face for plumping, firming and other benefits fountain of youth benefits.

Gua Sha is often referred to as natural botox because of how it naturally lifts, brightens and plumps up skin to remove fine lines and wrinkles. It is important to note, that gua sha should not be used over botox, acne or broken/ damaged>

Benefits of Gua Sha

  • Toning- increased blood flow to the face and draining the lymphatic system helps tone skin, reduce fine lines + puffiness and repair hyperpigmentation

  • Eases muscle tension- gua sha can help with migraines and neck pains

  • Reduces wrinkles- increased collagen production via increased blood circulation promotes elasticity and keeps skin hydrated and plump, helping alleviate fine lines + wrinkles

  • Lymphatic function- one of gua sha’s biggest health benefits is the stimulation of the lymphs. A moving lymph is good for our immune system and helps promote healthy skin

  • Deeply relaxing- Gua Sha facials have quickly become a permanent feature in the night time routine of Sweetpea team. It is deeply relaxing + wonderful. For those with a busy mind who have troubles turning off at night, relaxing music, slow, deep breaths and a gua sha facial is a combo that should not be overlooked /p>

How to use Gua Sha to get your glowing goddess vibes on

Enjoy Gua Sha facials 4-7 times a week for best results and glowing, happy skin

  • Start with a clean gua sha! Wash with warm water + soap in between uses

  • With clean hands and a clean face, apply toner/ tonic, followed by moisturizer and let the fun begin

  • Always, always, always begin and finish your gua sha facial with the neck. Smooth upwards motions to start and downward motions to finish

  • Sweep each area (photo below) 3-10 times in an upward motion using light to medium pressure

  • Have the gua sha tool almost flat against your face. There should only be room for your thumb between your face + the gua sha

  • On fleshy parts of your face (cheeks) use an anchor hand to secure skin from being pulled

  • Remember to ENJOY. Gua Sha facials are not a race. Take this time to slow down, breathe deep + enjoy the moment

Long sides can be used to lift your cheeks and under your chin to move fluid out and sculpt.

Hooked edge can be used on your jawline or along the brow line where we hold tension.

Hooked edge can also be used between your eyes. Hold it and pull up from between your eyes and continue to run it through your hair line.

The comb edge can be used to gently work out forehead lines or to pull up on crows feet.

Use the comb edge to run long, slow lines from your hairline to back of scalp.

Gua Sha + You Glow Girl™ for skin that is WOW!

Gua Sha helps skin care products absorb more deeply into skin, so we receive even more benefits from You Glow Girl™ Moisturizers.

You Glow Girl™ contains a number of AMAZING ingredients that already does wonders for our skin. When this ‘magic in a tin’ moisturizer is penetrated even deeper into the skin it becomes that much more beneficial. The benefits from a combined practice of Gua Sha facials and You Glow Girl™ will make you shine from the inside out!

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions! We are always here to help, click here to chat or leave us a comment below! /p>

-Sam + the Sweetpea Team xoxo

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