Jade Gua Sha Comb

Jade Gua Sha Comb

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Benefits of Gua Sha facials include: tones, lifts + firms, eases facial, jaw + neck tension, promotes lymphatic drainage, reduced puffiness, better absorption of products & it is deeply relaxing!

Using the comb side of the Gua Sha helps to stimulate the scalp, reduce tension, and bring on the calm euphoria felt at the shampoo chair.

Use 4-7 times a week for best results

Our Jade Gua Sha comb is designed to be used in upward and outward sweeping gentle motions to help fight against gravity’s natural pull on the skin. See for yourself why it is referred to as ‘natural botox’. Always start with clean hands, clean skin + a clean Gua Sha tool.

For detailed info on how to perform a Gua Sha facial, check out our new blog for step by step instructions + to learn more about what this incredible tool can do for your skin! Like integrating any new healthy habit, consistency is key for seeing results

What’s included:

  • Jade Gua Sha Comb

  • Gorgeous pouch for safe keeping

  • Brochure with Gua Sha facial how to + care


Check our instagram @sweetpea.naturals highlights for more how-to’s

If you have sensitive skin, please choose our Rose Quartz Gua Sha


I broke my Gua Sha

Don’t stress! Instead, return it to us in exchange for a 30CAD discount code to use on our website. Zero waste is something we take seriously, so we repurpose your broken Gua Sha into an assortment of upcycled creations. Learn more about how to return it by sending us a message on our Contact Us page or through email!


“I’m seriously loving my Gua Sha so much, I look forward to it every night. That ‘Gua Sha facial high’ afterwards is the best”

“OMG the Gua Sha was the best before bed relaxation tool!! I did it before bed and wow!:

“My new Jade Gua Sha stone has been a game changer in this stressed social worker’s self care routine”

“I am enjoying my Dream Team Set, faithfully using it and I find myself looking forward to my new bedtime routine. I am definitely noticing a difference in how soft my skin is feeling”