Dream Team Set

Dream Team Set

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You Glow Girl Moisturizer
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The set your skin looks forward to

Comes with a Gua Sha, You Glow Girl™ Moisturizer + Beauty Sleep Evening Eye Serum

What’s included:

  • Beauty Sleep Evening Eye Serum 10 ml

  • Choice of You Glow Girl Moisturizer

  • Jade Gua Sha Comb

  • Gorgeous pouch for Gua Sha safe keeping

  • Brochure with Gua Sha facial how to + care

Check our instagram @sweetpea.naturals highlights for more how-to’s, including addressing muscle tension + wrinkles!


As with integrating any new healthy habit, consistency is the key to seeing results! Use 4-7 times a week

Please choose You Glow Girl Unscented Moisturizer if you are pregnant or breastfeeding



“OMG the Gua Sha was the best before bed relaxation tool!! I did it before bed and wow!:

“My new Jade Gua Sha stone has been a game changer in this stressed social worker’s self care routine”

“I am enjoying my Dream Team Set, faithfully using it and I find myself looking forward to my new bedtime routine. I am definitely noticing a difference in how soft my skin is feeling”

“I’m seriously loving my Gua Sha so much, I look forward to it every night. That ‘Gua Sha facial high’ afterwards is the best”